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About JewelleryOnlineStore.com.au

JewelleryOnlineStore.com.au is part of a successful company, Dazzlers Accessories (A.B.N. 47 943 442 806), which comprises Wholesale and Retail operations in the Jewellery, Leather Goods and Fashion Accessories businesses. The company is situated in Adelaide - South Australia and operates Globally and is dedicated to offering excellent quality products at competitively fair and reasonable prices accompanied by second to none cheerful and efficient customer service.... and that is why the company is successful.

WE VALUE OUR CUSTOMERS so we strive to be very good at what we do so that our customers return to buy from us time and again!

As an arm of Dazzlers, JewelleryOnlineStore.com.au was established in 2010 as an online business dedicated to the Marketing of Jewellery and associated products online offering the best possible quality product for the best possible price to our customers.

VALUE .. a much under used and underrated word these days .. is a very important word in our business. We all want to pay the least amount for an item however more than anything we want the best "Value for our Money" .... not just cheap! At JewelleryOnlineStore.com.au we work on the principal of supplying the best Value for Money, that is why we are successful.

We appreciate any feedback from you our customers that will help us to improve our service to you.

Best Regards, the Team from JewelleryOnlineStore.com.au

We also have a range of <a href="https://www.etsy.com/shop/HarmonyBalls">Harmony Ball
</a> pendants available in our Etsy shop.